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About us

Novakid Summer Camp consists of seven weeks filled with creativity and discoveries. Each week, the participants of the festival will enjoy exciting online lessons with native teachers, useful workshops and clips of animated films in English. Your child will definitely remember this summer!

Novakid School presents a new summer festival of animated films for children and English language.
21 lessons
Explore the World and Level-Up your English
From travelling to hobbies and from culinary art to sport. The children will explore the secrets of the outside world, expand their vocabulary and learn useful phrases in English in these thematic lessons with native speakers as teachers. The lessons are held in a game format: they will definitely not be boring. There will be a new topic each week!
21 Workshops
Let’s Draw, Do Arts and Crafts, and Experiment!
The children will learn how to create useful handcrafted items and explore new drawing techniques. They will also make useful DIY toys and even carry out exciting scientific experiments.
35 Animated Films
for Children of Different Ages
Watching interesting films in their original language is the perfect way to immerse yourself into a live language environment. That is exactly why we included 35 animated films in English in the Novakid Summer Camp programme. Among them are participants and laureates of the world’s leading festivals: Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the British Animation Awards. social network has become a platform for the optional program of the online camp. Each week, the participants get access to two additional lessons and five workshops in the official group of Novakid